Wymering Manor

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Wymering Manor

Postby keef » 09 Feb 2013, 01:32

Council gives away £375,000 manor 'because it is haunted'
A council has given away a £375,000 manor house after potential buyers were put off by rumours of hauntings, ghosts and ghouls.....
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstop ... unted.html
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Re: Wymering Manor

Postby sarah » 09 Feb 2013, 09:39

I would like to go back and do another investigation at this house, as the last one was very interesting. Hopefully the trust that takes it over lets paranormal groups in.

sarah x
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Re: Wymering Manor

Postby sue » 09 Feb 2013, 11:53

I do keep up with the news on Wymering because, I think its the best one I have done, so if it does come available, hopefully they will let independent groups in.
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